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Quick Guide To FAQ's For Parents

Viking Notes For Parent

“Your Quick Reference Guide”

The “Cliff Notes For Parents” guide is meant to be a quick reference guide to commonly asked questions that the Activities Department receives. Please refer to the Activities Handbook for all FHSD district policies and guidelines.

MSHSAA & Francis Howell School District Eligibility Standards

1. Must be a credible school citizen. Students who are serving out-of-school (or in-school) suspensions may not practice for or participate in school activities during the suspension. Multiple and/or serious violations of the Code of Student Conduct may result in

long-term suspension and/or permanent removal from current and future school activities.

2. Must be enrolled in courses offering 3.0 units of credit. (6 courses)

3. Must have earned 3.0 units of credit (passing 6 courses) the preceding semester. Summer school credits may apply to state eligibility standards. *No more than 1 credit in summer school shall be counted towards eligibility.

4. Must maintain a minimum 1.5 current G.P.A.

5. Must have satisfactorily passed a physical examination dated after February 1 immediately preceding the first day of the season for the activity in which you wish to participate. The examination report must specifically state that you “may participate in physical activities,” and must be signed by the physician who conducted the examination.

6. Must attend all practices, contests, and other performances unless excused by the coach.

7. Must not have any outstanding fines.

8. Must attend school the entire day of a game and must attend school on Friday to play on Saturday.


Eligibility Registration & Physicals

All student-athletes involved in a MSHSAA sponsored sport as well as those students participating in fall marching band, winter guard, winter drumline, cheer and dance must complete the online eligibility registration process found at by clicking on the “Activity Registration” tab. All student-participants must also have a physical examination that is uploaded to the registration website. A physical examination is good for two years unless otherwise noted by the doctor. The entire MSHSAA Physical Examination Form (5 pages) must be uploaded to the registration site. The MSHSAA Physical Form is available on the high school activities website,


ImPact TestingThe FHSD is committed to ensuring the safety of all of its student-participants. As part of this commitment the student-participants listed in the activities/sports below must have a current baseline Impact Test on file. Impact Testing is a scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system that is used at FHHS. If you are an incoming freshman, new student-participant to FHHS, or junior in the activities/sports listed below you must complete Impact Testing prior to tryouts. The test takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Required Impact Testing For Activities/Sports:

Color Guard, Football, Cheerleading, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Winter Guard, Wrestling, Baseball, Girls Lacrosse, Track and Field (vaulters and high jumpers only).

Pre-Arranged Absences

Any student who misses class time due to out-of-school engagements, such as doctor appointments, funerals etc., is to have the absence pre-arranged through the activities office in advance of the absence. Failure to do so may result in being ineligible for future contests. A parent or guardian needs to contact the Activities Office at 851-4765 prior to the absence to pre-arrange the absence. The student athlete will need to pick up a pre-arranged absence pass on the day of the absence to give to their coach before they will be allowed to participate on the day of the absence. A doctor/dentist note is needed to be turned in to the activities office when the pass is picked up.

Attendance on Practice/Game Days

Per MSHSAA regulations, student athletes who miss school or class on the day of competition may not play in the competition unless it is deemed an excused absence by the activities director. A student must attend a full day of school on the day of the competition to compete. Exceptions may be made by the principal/activities director. If a student is absent the last school day of the week and a competition is on a non-school day, the student athlete is not eligible for the competition. Prearranged absences should be discussed with the activities director.

Student athletes who are suspended out-of-school (OSS) or in-school (ISS) will NOT be allowed to practice or participate in any school related activities on or off campus. Students who are serving in the In-School Suspension Program (ISS) are not allowed to practice or participate until their suspension is served.

Coaches are encouraged to have student participants notify them of any in or out of school suspensions as a part of the team rules so that MSHSAA regulations are not violated, putting the outcome of the contest in jeopardy.

NOTE: Oversleeping, missing the bus, traffic congestion or automobile breakdown are not reasons for excused tardies even with parent phone calls. If a student comes in late due to not feeling well, they are not excused to participate in practice or games that day.


Students must not have any outstanding fines to be eligible for participation in any activities/sports..

Citizenship Guidelines

To be eligible to participate in school activities is a privilege, not an inherent right, and therefore requires certain behaviors and attitudes. More specifically, any student who represents their school in activities must be a creditable citizen and be judged so by proper school authority certifying the list of students for participation.

Law Enforcement

A student who commits an act for which charges may be or have been filed by law enforcement authorities under any municipal ordinance, misdemeanor or felony statute shall not be eligible until all proceedings with the legal system have been concluded and any penalty (i.e. jail time, fine, court costs, etc.) or special condition of probation (i.e. restitution, community service, counseling, etc.) has been satisfied. If law enforcement authorities determine that charges will not be filed, eligibility will be contingent upon local school policies. Minor moving traffic offenses shall not affect eligibility, unless they involve drugs,

alcohol, accidents or injuries. After a student has completed all court appearances and penalties, and has satisfied all special conditions of probation and remains under general probation only, local school authorities shall determine eligibility.

Student Responsibility for Reporting Involvement with Law Enforcement

Each student is responsible to notify the school of any and all situations that would affect their eligibility under the above standards. If the student does not notify the school of the situation prior to the school’s discovery, then the student shall be ineligible for up to 365 days from discovery, pending review by the MSHSAA Board of Directors.

Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Guidelines

Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and/or illicit drug possession, use, sale, and/or abuse - Students should not use, sell, abuse, or possess alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and/or illicit drugs.

First Violation:

Upon the first violation for tobacco, alcohol, and/or drugs, the student participant will be suspended for 20 percent of the competitions, performances, and/or evaluative events in the sport/activity they are participating. The student participant and parent(s)/guardian(s) must meet with the coach and activities director before the student participant can return to participation.

Overnight Trips

Students and parents are reminded that you are representing your program, FHHS, the district, and community at all times on trips. While on overnight trips, students must honor the rules/expectations set forth by the FHSD, FHHS, teachers, coaches, sponsors and chaperones. If any FHHS or FHSD rules or policies are broken, the school will follow district guidelines regarding school punishment (as if it happened on campus).

Respect - Integrity - Sportsmanship - Excellence


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